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Transfer Students

2 Year Universities

Transfer students are different that freshman. Freshman have little to no experience in college classes and have no idea what the college atmosphere is like. Transfer students on the other hand have more intellect to how university runs. Transfers have had two years at a community college which is usually based near their home-town. Students usually drive there for classes and then drive back home to do their homework or go to their job that they may have while at the two year college. After two years a student can receive an associate’s degree. 

It is a different world when entering a four year University.

4 year University

This all changes when a student transfers to a four year university, such as UC Davis. Davis has been top rated in the country now for many years meaning it’s highly competitive. Universities tell students it is a bad idea to have a job and be a full-time student because of how much work it will be. Students who do have a job are recommended to be a part-time student so that they don’t have such a full load of class work on their plate. It’s much safer for the student mentally and physically. The work load changes from a 2 year to a 4 year university. Especially when a college is on the quarter system, like Davis, it is easy to fall behind if the student does not keep up with the professor’s reading and homework schedule.

Seek your professor’s and TA’s advice and help to keep up with the class. The TAs are usually more available than the professor and can 99% of the time answer any question. The other 1% questions are for the professor to answer if the TA can’t. Look to your professor for additional help when you are looking to do an internship or future graduate work with the professor. Also professors can answer any questions you may have about the class as well, however their time is sometimes limited as they have to see about 300 students in a day so it may be wise to set up an appointment for a later date. 

Living Away from Home 

For some transfer students after living at home for high school and for two years of college can get a little boring. So when you finally get the chance to move away to a different city, it’s a whole new ball game. Buying new things, finding an apartment to live in, and deciding what major to stick with for the next two or three years are all important decisions a transfer student gets to make. When you move away from your hometown you will get to make new friends, have professional relationships with graduate students and professors, and finally explore the world outside of your comfort zone. Living with new people you have never met before can be a little scary at first, but eventually the walls come down and roommate relationships are formed. 

College rules

As far as college goes 2 year vs. 4 year colleges are completely different. The only way to make it at any four year university to to know the way of the college, how it’s run, who has higher authority, and who may be able to write recommendations for you when you graduate. It’s a tough world to enter after losing 2 years on experience that freshman have already gained, but what freshman lack, transfers gain back easily.


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