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How to sell your used textbooks


It’s time to sell your used textbooks! Where do you start? There are probably hundreds of different ways you can sell your used book in Davis, but there a few ways that much more common and will help you sell your book and make some reasonable cash.

First of all, avoid selling your book directly to the bookstore as they’re most likely to give you the least amount of money for your book. The easiest thing you can do is list your book locally, and there are several sites which will help you do that.


Listing your used textbook locally

One of the most popular websites for selling (or buying) used textbooks is Here you can find hundreds of used books and determine the value of your based on what other people are selling the same book for. This is like a mini Craigslist but for University students. You can typically arrange to meet potential buyers in a safe location such as campus, or arrange to have your book shipped. It’s recommended to meet in person for these types of transactions since accepting checks, credit cards, and online payments will be very difficult without a third-party such as Amazon to process payments.

Additionally you can sell your book on Davis Classifieds, which is similar to Uloop. You can also list your moving sale or yard sale to help you sell more of your stuff at one time.


Listing your used book online

If you prefer to sell your used book online then one of your best bets is still The large number of potential buyers makes Amazon a great choice if you want to sell your book fast at a reasonable price. Click here to find your book by ISBN or title and see how much you can sell it for. The benefit of selling online is there is much greater demand for books and you don’t have to worry about credit cards, checks, or any of that stuff.

In addition to Amazon, you can use a specialized Textbook website. There are hundreds out there and it’s hard to sort through all the bad ones and scams. There are several good websites I have used and doing your own research is always a good idea. - Sell Textbooks

One great textbook website is, which features competitive prices and good customer service. You can often find used textbooks for significantly cheaper than at the bookstore or, and they offer free shipping when selling your book. They may offer less money than Amazon, but you will receive your funds in cash, while Amazon often credits you with a gift card for textbooks. But with either site, you are very likely to make more than selling to the bookstore.

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