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  • Book Review of Landfalls

    Book Review of Landfalls

    If anyone decided to be extra Catholic this past Thursday October 15th and stopped by Saint James’ Church, you witnessed a Commotion. Said Commotion was fifty women and men (and one lost group of grad student-ish kids) laughing and drinking a small mountain of $10 Trader Joe’s wine while playing Jeo[...]
    Free battery-powered toothbrush!

    Free battery-powered toothbrush!

    Be sure to stop by Rite Aid this week by Sat 8/22 to pick up your free-ish* Oral-B battery-powered toothbrush. Yay hygiene! How to claim 1. First, head to Rite Aid and pick up the Oral-B Battery Action Toothbrush listed at $6.00 2. Sign up or login to Rite Aid's Load2Card at https://www.rit[...]
    Which modem do I need for my Davis internet service provider?

    Which modem do I need for my Davis internet service provider?

    This guide is written primarily for Comcast's Xfinity Cable Internet service. If you live in Davis and have Cable Internet, then everything here is for you. All of the cable modems listed here are compatible with the other major ISPs such as Cox and Time Warner Cable. Modem vs. Router What's the d[...]
    Summer Classes

    Summer Classes

    There is still time to sign up for summer classes!! If you want to make your Fall Quarter easier take a class or two during one or both of the two summer sessions offered, take a look at Here are the pros and cons of summer classes: Pros: Get[...]
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    Graduation Guidelines

    Graduation is the highlight of any graduate and parent. UC Davis has three undergraduate ceremonies a day for three consecutive days. Here are some tips for both the students and the parents. For the Parents: Bring Water Park as close to the Pavilion as possible: the parking for the eld[...]
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